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Suzie Self


I am very passionate about helping others. I pride myself on finding the perfect fit for each client. No 2 clients are the same. I will work with you to come up with the a plan for your situation. Whether it is making sure your spouse or children are taken care of if you were to pass away, or having enough money for your beneficiary to pay for your funeral, or you may be looking at building a tax free retirement or simply leaving a legacy for your family. Another passion is helping my clients grow their money tax free. I show them how to max fund a policy to provide the most growth and Wealth Accumulation with no market losses. Tired of Losing money in your 401k and looking for a tax free option with no downsides? Let me show you how it works.

Retirement and Building Wealth Tax Free

About Our Agency

Our mission is to provide the best insurance value for our clients. We strive to provide friendly professional service by putting our customers first.

We are committed to helping her clients prepare for their financial futures through education and working hand in hand with families to customize a program that works for them.

My Moto is "Helping One Family At A Time!"

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Insurance Solutions to Protect what Matters Most!

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Tired of paying high deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance?

Find peace of mind with coverage tailored just for you, your family, or your business.



Protect what matters most - your ability to earn an income!

Term, whole life, IUL, and more plans are available to protect your family and your finances.


Tax Free Wealth

Are you looking for a way to accumulate money tax free and protect from any market downturns. specializing in Max Funded Indexed Universal Life Policies on Individual Adults, Children and Business Owners and Their Employees.



Are you ready for retirement? We can help you become fully prepared whether you have an old 401k, IRA, or even if you haven't started planing yet. Do you have a strategy for Tax Free Retirement?

Today, she has identified a niche where she believes she can make the most significant impact on people's lives - the insurance industry. Our Agency Motto, "Changing Lives One Family At A Time"

Suzie founded Self Agency Inc., where she provides education and financial security to individuals and their families, helping them manage their money and find the best avenues to build wealth. Suzie's aim is to help families leave a lasting legacy.

Insurance License

Licensed in Oregon State


Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Washington


Sherri Caffey- I’m extremely pleased with working with Ms. Susie Self, she’s very diligent and ensures you find the best rates/policy for your needs!!!

Farely Manns - Great customer service skills.i appreciate your service and professionalism in helping me find the best life insurance

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